Meaning of the name Stacy:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
it also means to have fun , having a great personality , being very loyal and trustful , friendly.
its means helpful
it also means to have fun, having a great personality, being very loyal and trustful, friendly it means smart Stacy name... everything on here is true.
ity means smart
it means cool,hot,awesome,fierce,andsmart
it means spirituallovable. very trustworthy. kind...smartrear endes
stacy o//o
my moms name is stacy. i think it means that she is smart, funny, livly, and amazing.
I think it means that they are fun ,and that there great person and she is not shy like other shy girls.
it means air head
Dats my sis name nd it means everything above. SKINNY rear end!
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