Meaning of the name Stephanie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, German
Stephanie means: a creative, talented girl who everyone likes. She is NOT a woman just because everyone thinks she is kind and wonderful. My name isn't Stephanie. I do think it is a beautiful name though.
She's awesome
Means beautiful , kind caring
She's beautiful!
my name is stephanie nd i think it means a nice girl who tries to make other people happy but sometimes ur life could be messed up nd also stephanie i think it means you make friends easy ur helpfull carefull responsible
she's a presious girl
Bold, tough, not easily broken,
my best friends name is stephanie...she is the best we always look out for eachother , she is kind smart funny and always smiling ...there is not one bad thing about her...we hang out a lot and stephanie means princess but to me it means a friend that you can count on!!
stephie is'nt a ugly name and if some people are named stephie and if you call them ugly you are wrong
Stephanie means being creative, caring, and sensitive. In greek it means: crown, crowned, and victorious. Speaking for myself only i can say that in every definition follwing this guideline seems to be pretty true....but, that being said, i believe that you can be whatever you set out to be. If you are sensitive then remain sensitive, but even the warmest of hearts can be strong leaders. In fact caring can lead you to empathy which can make you the best leader of all. Always stay true to who you are and never stop striving for the best in yourself. Hope this helps. Stephanie (of course).
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