Meaning of the name Stephanie:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, German
Stephanie means: a creative, talented girl who everyone likes. She is NOT a woman just because everyone thinks she is kind and wonderful. My name isn't Stephanie. I do think it is a beautiful name though.
She's awesome
She's beautiful!
Means beautiful , kind caring
my name is stephanie nd i think it means a nice girl who tries to make other people happy but sometimes ur life could be messed up nd also stephanie i think it means you make friends easy ur helpfull carefull responsible
she's a presious girl
My name is Stephanie I think it means kind loyal rough sensitive beautiful talented staburn afraid to ask questions and momma's girl
I think Stephanie is a beautiful and very talented too she is kind, fun loving and thinks of other people more than her.Sometimes if things are rough she will fight back but has her special moment every once and a while.
stephanie means crowned one! totally awsome so stop haten on the player and start haten the game=)
Stephanie is an amazing person who cares aboutHer friends....when she gets mad she dosent use Violence....she is also someone who is cute, funnyAnd a goodfriend to go to when you need advice___Truejello
Stephanie is Greek and the name means "Crown". Thus Stephanie means "Crowned One".
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