Meaning of the name Susannah:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Biblical (Variant)
susannah means lily, from the lily flower
kind and beautiful
Kind, Stunning, Smart, Good Kisser ;) The best person you will ever meet!And has the most wonderfullest friends and boyfriend EVER
it means graceful like a lily.
kind and beautiful, thats totally me hahahahah
it means caring
it means beautiful and you should never mess with susannahs EVER!!!!!
Susannah also means Rose in German.
pretty, nice kind wonderful, and loves any challenge. she is also very lovey.
Susannah was women who lived during the reign of KIng Daniel in the Bible. The Elders( holy people in a church) attempted to persuade her to submit to them loveually but she refused despite their threats to kill her. They then accused her of commiting adultery with another man but was found guilty by king daniel. From then on, Susanna means kind, innocent, or lily.
Hey! My name is Susanna, but doesn't it mean the same thing? I like lillies, but with the h it means "pot grudge".
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