Meaning of the name Sylvia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Scandinavian, Finnish, German
She is a very trustful person!!! And she knows how to make u laugh all the time even when your sad or put down....
a very nice peron who is loving! and nicee..she hrear end lots of friends andd she is beautiful! she also lovee jesus!
sylvia means fairy of the forest
n latn it means frum the forest but also it means butiful i's & a vary nice person my name is Sylvia & I got on this website wen Sylvia wuz the name of the day LOL ;)
are you high? lol see I wanna talk to you now cause I know you wanna feel all those warm fuzzy feelings right now.... go ahead say you don't but we both know you do so ill say.... I love you princess I'm dreaming of the day when I see your beautiful face and get to hold you tight and kiss you and stare into your eyes and just get lost in them cause you make me feel like I am superman when you say you need me and ill always be there whenever you want cause there's no place id rather be than by your side forever and always love you my lovey lady :)........... who rot this
is a cry baby that throws fits when she doesnt get what she wants but even though she is a baby we all still love her) how rot this
well it is my name but I don't feel like men are drooling over me and that does not bother me, I am happy that it says I LOVE JESUS because I do, I am happy that I am a Christian and I know God has blessed me with a wonderful family which is all I have ever wanted. I thank God for his many blessing everyday.I have always been told that my name means forest princes, but I really don't care for being in the forest lol, so I am happy what I read but the lovey lady comment well that is toooo personal dude and you should not write it where people can read it, private info needs to stay private.God bless all who reads, Sylvia A.
silvia or sylvia is a beautiful name...any1 name this name is blessed... u are so smart and nice all all the males r after u drooling....females can't stand u they hate u with a prear endion.They love everything about u and wished they had your name...keep on living up your name.
a really awsome person who loves her family very much
Means smart and lovey
stupid hoe, stupid, stupid hoe -_-
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