Meaning of the name Sylvia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Scandinavian, Finnish, German
She is a very trustful person!!! And she knows how to make u laugh all the time even when your sad or put down....
n latn it means frum the forest but also it means butiful i's & a vary nice person my name is Sylvia & I got on this website wen Sylvia wuz the name of the day LOL ;)
silvia or sylvia is a beautiful name...any1 name this name is blessed... u are so smart and nice all all the males r after u drooling....females can't stand u they hate u with a prear endion.They love everything about u and wished they had your name...keep on living up your name.
a really awsome person who loves her family very much
sylvia means fairy of the forest
Slyvia : Beaytiful smat cool and awesome nice
a very nice peron who is loving! and nicee..she hrear end lots of friends andd she is beautiful! she also lovee jesus!
my name is Sylvia and i am not a forest girl. People always say that i am very pretty with my eyes and hair.I'm very smart but i don't like to show it cause i am very lazy. never liked school even though i always joined in everything. I am very mean to my friends. Im a very into 4 square.
Syliva is a awsome name because i think it means love,sweet,shy,fun to be around,smart,and more but will not name all lol my name is Slvia:):p
I was told that it means "Woman of the woods"
Sylvia is the best name in the world because it means trees/tree maiden and everyone should love trees!!!!!
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