Meaning of the name Talbot:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English (Rare)
Can they make stuff blow up then in and if they can then mybe i would like them
I read that it is an ancient Norman French name that means 'Happy Valley', and that the spelling of Talbot w/ two T's at the end came about from a falling out between a father and son-the son wanted to differentiate himself from his family so he added a T to the end of his name!
Knocked my socks off with knowlegde!
OMFG... My name: Talbot (say it like talbit) i have blond hair and FLIP'IN HAVE HAZEL EYE'S.this is freaky put i own a farm and use dirt bikes to spot game trail's and atv's for work. i'm 14
its from the greek words "smelly rear end in a tophat" and is typically used with boys with blond hair and hazel eyes. they usually ride dirt bikes also. happy mans
thats jennys last name!!! GO SHADOW CHILDREN!
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