Meaning of the name Tamar:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hebrew, Biblical, Biblical Hebrew
the palm trees in the old testements
the palm trees inthe old testements
a girl that is always great
palm tree
upright, poised, affectionate nature with a quick discerning mind.
a beautiful person who is not afraid to do somthing
Tamar means faith forgiveness and descrestion it was in the old testament
this is MY name and I LOVE IT So it means Me.:)
Beautiful Tall and to much to handel.depends on others for support.
independent girl
Tamar is my best friends name she is a hothead and she is very tall she is sweet and fun plus she knows when your sad and will try her best to make you smile she is a integrated teen and is always in drama plus she fights... A lot boys girls trannies w.e comes along
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