Meaning of the name Tammy:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
it means funny pretty smart. only wants whats best for her daughter but needs to have an open mind bout her daughters love life espessially when theyre in love but i love you any ways
That's my moms name!!!
beauty, both inner beauty and looks
It means the most wonderful best friend I could ask for! Pretty inside and out. Smart. Only want whats best for her. Has a wild heart. Caring. Not perfect, but if you give her a chance she could change your a good way! (:
it means beaitful and smart and this is my name
my mom is tammy bestest mom in the whole wide world always makes you smile
The One To Carry On A Converstaion
sweet, loving, never tries to be mean unless something really upsets her. Plus, she is my bestest friend in the whole world :)
thats my moms name too!
b5zgkh Very good article post.Thanks Again. Really Great.
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