Meaning of the name Tasia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Greek
Tasia is Greek and means resurrection. In Northern Greece, it is sometimes said to also mean beautiful garden. The English translation is said to be Betsy.
pretty hot and thin
always thought my name would have something to do with the princess Anastasia Romonov form russia
Tasia means wisdom and kind in latin
My name is tasia and the meaning is so beauiful
It means hot chick with an atpillowude and a hunger to be fiesty!
my name is tasia also. i spell it kind different i spell it "taisa" my mother always told me that it's really spelled "tasia" but when i wal younger i always spelled it the wrong way lols. but i NEVER knew my name was latin. i'am a happy-go-lucky person and iakways tend to speak the truth when i feel that something needs to be said and i'am aslo beautiful in my own way. who else's name tasia(taisa) ? : )
my name is tasia but i spell it taisia because my mother said it would be easy to avoid idenity theft becase people spell it tasia the last time looked it up it was the same as the second comment
The most kindest friend ever who will never give up no matter what she is struggling with like for example jumprope (wich is very hard)
ugly means gross and whose name is ugly?
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