Meaning of the name Tatiana:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Russian, Slovak, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, English, Ancient Roman
couldnt live without music!
it mean fariy queen and
Tatiana means mainly " Qween" in Russian.
it means your a princess
tatianas can be fine persony sometimes
It means like Tonya in Russian also !
Tatiana is a funny girl but sometimes aggy Nd rough , and annoying ;p
it means that you are verry awsome
she a sweet girl with lots of friend
it means that she's a nice person, and that she's so a queen, and thatshe's hot and lovey
she might be funny, infact so funny that if you ever meet her and had a day with her you would possibly laugh so hard you might ppe you panties!!!XD HAHAHA!!! NO BUT SERECLY YOU MIGHT PEE.
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