Meaning of the name Teresa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Finnish, Polish, German, Scandinavian, English
the name Teresa means;kind and friendly person,very tallented and down to erath person.i personly love this name.
talented and friendly
My mom name is Teresa and she is the best mom in the world. she is pretty,nice,likes to play with her childern,and loves her childern down to earth.
Really nice and cares for others
get it in your head teresa means a nice person. she has smpathy for others and will help you even if she can't.she usaully marries a nice man and have beautiful children.
Name from Greece, Godness.
My moms name is Teresa and she is the bestest mum in the world, she is pretty and caring and helps with whatever, she drops everything she is doing to help others and deserves the world, i love her so much
Teresa does not mean ugly get it right
My mom's name is Teresa. i think it means A very serious and sometimes mean, person.
my teachers name is Teresa ...shes a cunt .
my mom name is teresa and she is VERY mean!!
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