Meaning of the name Terri:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
A lovable person with many friends; a trusting person who will always be your faithful friend :)
Happy person but can sometimes be a pain in the neck.
is a loveable person
It means that the person is very thoughtful. They are very good at making decisions and good at choices. They can sometimes be a royal pain in the backside, but most of the time they can be shy, but very kind and good at art and design. They don't always get their own way in life, but they don't ask for much. They can sometimes get in sticky situations with their love life and friends, but they always get a way out of it. They can be embarrased easily, but they know how to laugh their way out of the situation, but inside, they will be screaming. Ontop of all that they have a very good heart, knows how to put a smile on peoples faces. Always have their head held up high, cause they know that they are going to be successful in the future.
is very nice to be around
u sometimes care what people say about u
A shy beautiful girl that takes on the world!Smart, sweet, and always loves to smile and see the better of things! :P
A pain in the end lol... but really funny and cares about others... hi to all you Terris!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
she is always lovable. she always cares.
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