Meaning of the name Terry:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
sweet,loving,caring,funny,handsome,heroic and a sweet pea to be around! =]
a person who has little patients for stupid things but a lot of love to give. They are more loving than most people.
lovey eyes
sweet loving and caring also gets in love easily with 1 person and doesnt let go of that love
My name is Terry but spelled Tere'. A strong warrior. A princess.
im only male XD
a funny, smart kid
my boyfriend name is terry an he is lovable
it means my chemistry teacher is all of the above...
terry is a beast
AWESOME!!! If your boyfriend is Terry (mine is) He will always be on your side. never giving up and always there for u. Oh and giving you presants onn Valentines day! (only some Terrys)
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