Meaning of the name Tess:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Loving, Beautiful, kind soul
Awesome in every way and gorgeous!!!!! Gotta Luv her!!!
pretty attractive
i luv tess she is the best friend u could ever have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tess means cute and fun!
Creative, easy going , person. Who has a timper and uses it when nessesary. Doesnt mind what others think, and is careful to fall in love. All in all a loving strong careful person.
Really pretty name that means "The Harvester" in some language....Girls named Tess are usually blond and very pretty. They are talented, kind, but have an atpillowude at times and are full of themselves, sometimes.
Tessa means that you're the fourth child born.FYI, my name is Tess and Tess means a perfectionist who is beautiful.
a gorgeous goddess
kind, everchanging
tess is a name that means awesome gorgeous pretty attractive and a gorgeous goddess
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