Meaning of the name Tia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
determined, and adventorous, caring, and selfishless, loyal, and powerful, beautiful, not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.
it means your a princess and your beautiful
It's Italian and means you are loving and caring. I know, because by best friend is called Tia and is the nicest person I have ever met!!!
To me tia is wonderful. My best friend is called tia and i can honestly say that ive never met anyone like her. shes someone whos full of courage, sacrifice, honesty and most importantly: friendship. she is a loyal, amazing friend...... and even though we've been through some rough times. We know we will work it out beacause we love each other
I'm a Tia and i happy being me so being a Tia i san awesome feeling
Tia is a person that loves to help others. Tia is a girl that doesn't like people who are not respectful of what they already have. Very talented, beautiful, independent, and loyal. Loves to help others. I am a Tia :)
my name is tia and I'm smart
strong and determined; quick on your feet
half of you r gently caressIN' Idiots
Tia meens Powerfull , Careing , Sometimes selfish ,fine persony , Nice , STUNNING , Everyone loves her , BUT doesnt always like her .Tia is a powerfull name .. It has trhe main 3 letters in the alphebet . T . I . A Takes care of what she does It will take ur brain to a whole new levle when u meet a TiaAcrobatic and powerful AMAZING AND Aproprate for all things Tia is the best name in the enlglish nation . You are lucky if you get called that Short for Tiara, Tiana Tian , kaTIA KuTIA and other
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