Meaning of the name Tiffany:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
intelligent,beautiful,great personality,has faith,believes,down to earth,supportive,active,funny,laughable,strong,open-minded,risk-taker,leader,friendly,sensitive,and will never give up
the most lovliest person ever. pretty and cute :)
wants to open her heart to her true love but is afraid he might reject it
A beautiful chick and awsome very smart and she is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lovely but kinda shy
tiffany is a pretty name
Manifestation of God
This name means the appearance of god. (Some of you people aren't very nice. Not all Tiffany's are brats but if you don't have anyting nice to say don't say anything at all.)
Tiffany means appearance of God. Also, Tiffany's are usually very intelligent with a love of sarcasm. Lots of friends, as all people love Tiffany's.
The name tiffany means to me is allowing or willing to accept something in your life. Some people may think that just because you got the name tiffany, they just think it means beautiful but it's not all about that because god gave you a name so why change it?????
that she really pretty and really fun to be with with her bestfriend:)
tiffany does mean all those things but it also means she is not afraid to tell you whats on her mind and can be mean but kind can take a joke and can give a joke but yes it is true she is afraid to ask her true love those 3 little words and her friends adore her as she to them but they all say she is awesome and i'll say it again SHE IS BEAUTIFUL
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