Meaning of the name Tommy:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
A great man and he will make you laugh. He is just a great guy
Wow its just like my Tommy :)
he is very nice, funny, caring, and loves animals
A super sweet guy that will love u with all his heart
an awesome person that pones everybody and is the king of the world
he is hot and lovey he is my man right there
I agree wit the boyfreind part i love my tommy :P
He's my best friend and we always have each other's back
Shy. Nice. Smart. Funny. Athletic. Strong. Muscular. Abs. Hot. Popular. Everybody needs a Tommy:)
Tommy is a name that chicks dig and is to awesome
Tall, blue eyes, blond hairA little weak (no muscles)Very shySweet and kind personGreat at actingCreative and very smart
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