Meaning of the name Tonya:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
the best mother you can ever have
Tonya:The best mother in the world;QUEEN
A great reader and a great sister.
sweet sometimes innocent but awesome, a great personality
My Lil Sister iS Very Awsome Although She Gets Annoyinqq Sometimes,.!! iF iWere Yall Dont Mess With HEr Cause She iS Mhy Lil Sister ,,&&,, She Has Me To Protect Her,.!!
sometimes she is nice
Priceless; Inestimable! Derived from such Russian names as Anastasia or the Greek Antonia/Anthony (male); Latin also!Most Tonya's are down-to-earth, kind-hearted, good-nuturers, good communicators; yet, can be quite the force not to be reckoned with.
It means very nice, and down to earth, but if you get on her bad side then you better beware!!!
cranky sometimes,nice,loving,and caring
this name means thankful wind thats idain
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