Meaning of the name Trevor:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Welsh, English
the name Trevor is most often given to a person with a great deal of potential to become a very successful person at what ever he may do. and he definitely has a huge dog and knows how to use it, ladies go meet a guy named Trevor if u want to be greatly satisfied!
the funniest guy in the world
Trevor is very fluffy! He is not a nerd he's very popular,he's funny and out going. But ladies don't ever go after a Trevor! HE will bite u! lol! LMAO :)
My name is trevor too and i must say this is completely accurate(;
trevor is my boyfriend name and he is a wonderful person to be around and to love so i thik all trevor's are loving and very much caring
trevors are super awesome :)
Plays x-box too much!
Loves asking girls out
a short guy who is SO annnoyinggg
trevor is hot
it means vagine
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