Meaning of the name Trinity:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
Bright personality! Clever and wise but yet fun to be around. Good with others. Very careing.
God The Holy Sirit And Jesus
trinity means holy princess
technically it means "holy three" from the bible
a beutiful girl you can meet princess of god
trinity is a goood person and she smart and brave and loves her friends and family
it means "holy three"
trinitee means the father son and the holy spirit
Father Son and the Holy Spirit,Trinity is a clever girl but she puts on a confident face and shows the world how happy she is but on the inside she is just a scared little girl who had her childrenhood taken from her,all she wants is to be understood and for people to like her.But she realizes how much the price for happiness and acceptance will cost her...It might even cost her her soul.
I'm leaving you
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