Meaning of the name Trisha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
trisha is the best name in the world girls that are called trisha are so hot and so nice
trisha is good name
I have an aunt named Trisha and she is funny fun-loving cool the outdoor type she doesn't ever get mad at me she is smart and pretty and always has time to talk and play with me. She is awesome!
I have an aunt named Trisha, she's awesome!
my sisters name is trisha and it rocks:) ;)
this name is mine and it means noble.
aways wants to do the right thing!
it means that you are nice and HOT!
hey my name is trisha and that means i ROCK and every girl name trisha is amzing INCLUDING ME:)
My name is Trisha , & I've got to say , I'm an awesome person :)
I know a girl named Trisha and she is really mean and kind of like a girl and I'm not trying to be mean but when someone is mean to everyone I think that they should be told. Though that doesn't mean that all Trisha are mean! Hopefully your awesome!!
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