Meaning of the name Trisha:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
trisha is the best name in the world girls that are called trisha are so hot and so nice
trisha is good name
I have an aunt named Trisha and she is funny fun-loving cool the outdoor type she doesn't ever get mad at me she is smart and pretty and always has time to talk and play with me. She is awesome!
I have an aunt named Trisha, she's awesome!
hey my name is trisha and that means i ROCK and every girl name trisha is amzing INCLUDING ME:)
my sisters name is trisha and it rocks:) ;)
aways wants to do the right thing!
it means that you are nice and HOT!
this name is mine and it means noble.
My name is Trisha , & I've got to say , I'm an awesome person :)
It means youre crazy nice, hot and great in bed. :)
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