Meaning of the name Tyler:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
a very cool person and loves sports
The kind of guy who knows how to be funny, and tries to have a lot of friends. Weird, too. ;)
loving awesome
Hot Cool Dude who is very talented in performing arts and sports.
The sweetest boy ever and my love
it means he's a loving bastard who doesnt know when to shutup
I want to know the real definition not u guyses stupid responces
i luv him and his name
My friend Tyler is awesome! I think he's cute too. But he's fun to be with. He's positive, smart, funny, and he's good at sports.
Weel its true. all tylers are awesome
i am a girl so like its not my fault ok but i mean if you think i am lovey cute most awesomest boyfrind ever i am not like that and screw uuuuuuu
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