Meaning of the name Uma:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian, Hindu Mythology
it's another name for goddess parvathi the beautifulest goddess in the world
No my name is Uma and it means Hindu Godess a.k.a Parvathi married to Shiva and mother of GaneshaAll hindu gods
No it means the most beautiful woman on earth to symbolize beauty, selflessness, and straight up talent
my nickname is Queen b ummi
Your's is a point of view where real intelligence shines thrugoh.
it also means mother of the mountains and also light which I find very cool I love the name uma and I am thankful my parents named me uma
I think you hit a bullseye there flelas!
this is name hindu goddess parvathi
u guys are all wrong! it means hindu goddess of love, light, and power. i know cuz my name is uma :)
Uma is the Hindu Goddess Parvathi
It means u r an rear end
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