Meaning of the name Valéria:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Hungarian, Portuguese, Slovak
has feelings for her family and friends
strong! :D
spoiled at times,wants to be what she already is,and is gorgeous:)
shes the BEST FRIEND IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!
Valeria means beautiful, cute, and adorable she is the best sister anyone can have... She means every thing to me!!!! I would die for her she is such a little cutie!!!!!
it means tough
wow valeria is amean persone
so coooolll
my name iz valeria im just trying to figure out what my name means??!!! :D
i think my name means strong and cant quit and trys her best at everything
Valeria or Valria is a female given name dating back to the Latin verb valere, meaning "to be healthy" or "to be strong".
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