Meaning of the name Vanessa:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, German, Dutch
pretty,cute,beautiful,talented.fashionable,funny, lovey,and a star.
vanessa means a enderfly in italin
its greek meaning enderfly
it means the best person you would want to be with. Its the person that makes you smile and you think about all the time. She one of a kind
a person that is shy, open minded, not afraid of life,intelligent,full of love, strong character, magical,curious of life
pretty,funny,nice,cool,good friend,the closest you can get to perfect
The most beautiful, magical, shy person ever
someone who is energetic and has good friends
My name is Vanessa! It means pretty,kind,nice,loving,sweet,and funny! :)
loving, loves to make new freinds, sweet, lovey ,loyal ,honest and trustworthy anybody who have this girl names vanessa should love her to death
this means crazy, fine person,girl,hoe, emo as gently caress . this fine person This crazy rear end fine person at my school name vanessa got a problem wit me because she got a boo that dont waNT HER Named steven and he dumped her for me tell me why this fine person came and tried to attack e by sayin she wanted to fight me fine personHHHHHHHHH. wtf fine person she is a oooooom . SHAVE UR GOT drat MUSTAACHE fine person get a razor for christmas ..........fine person ............. and he want me meeeeeeeeeeee U SIMPLE fine person U HORSE FACE LOOKIN rear end fine person U LOOK LIKE THE BOTTOM OF MY GOT drat SHOE fine person AND your tounge is your diick so put it in your mouth and SUCK ON IT !!!!!!!!!!!!! IMA SPIT ON UR GRAVE ........... fine person go to mutha gently caressin helllllllll u dumb rear ends hoe ....... fine person step to me i will choke ur rear end out A for rear ends kickin AND C for cookin dance b for fine person slap fine person u and u and ur dirty cat WASH THT brown OUT .....
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