Meaning of the name Victoria:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Spanish, Romanian, Late Roman
Victoria is fierce and has her own way of thinking about things. She is true to her friends and doesnt let anyone be a fine person to her or any of her friends or family. AND SHE DOESNT GO DOWN WITHOUT A FIGHT!!!
it means nothing stands In my way and you are smart and beautiful...p.s. I don't like the haters of my name yea my name is Victoria
it mean victorious, loving, comprear endionate, caring, and a good person in general.
victoria means fun loving and artistic
victoria is my name wow you guys are so judgement it is a beutiful name dont let any one say it is not a beutiful name
why is everyone saying bad words? My middle name is Victoria and im not fat and i am not mean to people. Just because one person named Victoria, it does not mean that everyone named Victoria is mean! Seriously use your brain.There is no need to be cussing! Most of you need to have ur mouth washed out with soap!
It means to have lots of friends!:):):):):):):):):):)
my name is victoria and i aint girly so who ever says bad things about that name is a LOSER and needs to GET A LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!
my name means i am very creative and talented and i respect others, i have an apillowude and i get good grades i am very althletic and perservering and last but not least I AM FRIGGING AWESOME
it means loving kind your a winner and you have great success
my name is vicyoria and it means AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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