Meaning of the name Vincent:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Slovak
Victorious, Conqurer
He is amazing inside and out. He is like sunshine, everything is better with him
A person who his sensitive inside, but will not tell you. He's nice, smart, funny, and sweet.
Vincent is a victorious names an the beholder usually stand on there own 2 feet, kind loving person who puts over people first.
well. My Vincent is very lovey, has the most adorable smile i have ever seen, he's tall and slender and he is absolutely amazing. He's intelligent, kind, a gentleman. I am addicted to him. he truly is completely awesome. I love him.
Kinda crazy
My BFF's BF and my #1 most hated person ever. It's togh having my BFF date him.:(
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thanks or the number vince-i'll call you
dum and dont uses his head his fater looks up to him but he fails hes little broter is bigger than he is and girlfreind is the man in the realationship
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