Meaning of the name Vincent:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, French, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Slovak
Victorious, Conqurer
A person who his sensitive inside, but will not tell you. He's nice, smart, funny, and sweet.
he has a giant p3n15
He is amazing inside and out. He is like sunshine, everything is better with him
Sweet boy, with a lot of feelings. Very cute, and knows how to treat a lady.
My BFF's BF and my #1 most hated person ever. It's togh having my BFF date him.:(
Kinda crazy
that doesnt mean brown stop ebsessing over ur bf
well. My Vincent is very lovey, has the most adorable smile i have ever seen, he's tall and slender and he is absolutely amazing. He's intelligent, kind, a gentleman. I am addicted to him. he truly is completely awesome. I love him.
I didn't know that my dad was a victorious conquer
marina is his lover stalks him and thinks his hot lovey and want s to have love
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