Meaning of the name Virginia:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Romanian, Ancient Roman
virginia means pure one. it is also described as -"this lady relishes a challenge and always lets you know she cares."
is my friend a nice person love to draw wants to be a teacher someday alway thanks about family and cares about friends and also loves dogs is never late to school loves fashion is really senseitive and never mean to people and is really beautiful and really smart and loves math and is really generous and really loving love, ????
The name Virginia means Blossoming; Chaste; virginal. Names HistoryFeminine form of the Roman family name Verginius or Virginius which is of unknown meaning, but long rear endociated with Latin virgo "maid, virgin". According to a legend, it was the name of a Roman woman killed by her father so as to save her from the clutches of a crooked official.This was the name of the first English baby born in the New World: Virginia Dare in 1587 on Roanoke Island. Perhaps because of this, the name has generally been more popular in America than elsewhere in the English-speaking world, though in both Britain and America it was not often used until the 19th century. The baby was named after the Colony of Virginia, which was itself named for Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen. A more recent bearer was the English novelist Virginia Woolf (1882-1941).
My name is Virginia i go by Ginger and i always get confused with other "ginger's" so sometimes it really sucks! but in the end it is a pretty cool name and i heard that it means maid virgin....
my little sis name is virginia, and nobody calls her a "virgin", or anything like that. if anybody did i would smack them in thier faces. shes the best little ten year old sis i could ever had. my dad named her, not my mom. i will protect my little sis and brother anyway i can. or not. thier annoying so i have to deal with it!! :D well we go to church with my parents and its a awesome big church!!;D it was built in 2009 i was happy the end
omfg that is exactly what people do to me they call me virgina instead of virginia. My dad named me because of all of his aunts who i have no idea who they are. I jsut wan to change my name but it is very beautiful to me.
it mean a good name
People call me virgin and it's so annoying. But its a good ice breaker with guys cus then you can tell them your not a not virgin and they get interested ;)
virginia means pure and a girl that likes to take risks is smart is cool to hang around with she always lets you know that she cares and she is a beautiful girl and a girl that loves to have fun how do i know this well my name is virginia it may spell virgin but i dont care if people call me virgin i just smile and say dont hate
There was a nurse in the delivery room named Virginia and my parents did not have a name for me yet so I was given the nurses name who was from the sout so my name is Virginia lee. I like it
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