Meaning of the name Vivian:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: English
A "Vivian" will growup to be a Beautiful n very Attractive child and a Ravishing Gorgeous Woman,very Inteligent in Real State, loving to Dance and Sing. She will make an entrance anywere with grace and elegance and her pecense will be warm, friendly n will make heads turn to her. Very Lucky with inportant males that will know how "Special" she is. Will have a long good life.
alive vibrant
shes sweet and beautiful and generous
a funny person!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
a awesome person!!!!!!!!!!!!!
vivian iscool
to live on , to live forever
good name
it maverlouse
im a angel sent from heaven above
very vibrant,enjoys life and plans to live it with her fullest,vey generous,pretty,sometimes has some sas,always wants to get her way,but still my BFFL
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