Meaning of the name Wallace:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Scottish
ok im a girl and thats my last name we wallaces are awesum and i dont care who thinks otherwise
a sweet person!!
super name !
he is a sweet loving person and very kind
A romantic person with a lot of character
I love this website
I am a girl and my first name is wallace and my name means foreiner.
beautiful and smart wallace rock
i posted the 1 above and my sighnature is jeeperscreepers and for all u weirdos we r still awesum jeeperscreepers
a loving and caring grandpa who i will miss dearly.. :(
My last name is wallace ... !!! X it means britons .. Its what the romans used to call some of the celts it means savage coz the scottish people they could not invade ... They used to call the scots wallace's
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