Meaning of the name Wallace:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Scottish
ok im a girl and thats my last name we wallaces are awesum and i dont care who thinks otherwise
a sweet person!!
super name !
he is a sweet loving person and very kind
A romantic person with a lot of character
I love this website
I am a girl and my first name is wallace and my name means foreiner.
beautiful and smart wallace rock
i posted the 1 above and my sighnature is jeeperscreepers and for all u weirdos we r still awesum jeeperscreepers
a loving and caring grandpa who i will miss dearly.. :(
Though I had been in campus minrstiy over 20 years at the time, I made a BIG mistake in my approach to leadership when I first arrived at App State in 2004. Overwhelmed by the unexpected size of the group (250 when I was told to expect about 40-50), I put an emphasis on finding leaders, but not preparing leaders. What I found in my second year was I had many leaders who knew how to sound like mature Christians, but were not living in spiritual maturity.After several incidents of small group leaders being seen drunk, failing to show up for their groups in favor of snowboarding, and competing with one another as to had the most popular group, I decided (duh!) that we had to take a different approach to selecting leaders.First step was to require all students interested in leadership to participate in a six-week discipleship group (we call it Vessel Group ) which just covers basic Christian doctrine. What I discovered was students had the Christian lingo down but most had very little understanding of what it truly meant to follow Jesus.Secondly, through this group, we get to hear and observe where students are at spiritually. And after the conclusion of the group, we sit down with each participant and talk in-depth with them about what they learned and where they are at in their relationships with Jesus. They also come to understand what we believe and are prear endionate about in our minrstiy. Thus, if they become leaders, they will be on the same page as we are.Thirdly, as we have grown our leaders, we trust them to provide insight into what the potential leaders' lives are like outside of CCF. They have grown to have such respect for and ownership of the minrstiy that they want only students who will carry on the vision that we have for the minrstiy and have lives that will glorify the Lord.Honestly, when we first implemented this four years ago, there was not much enthusiasm and a lot of resistance. Our numbers plummeted for a couple years, but this year we have rebounded and had our largest, most enthusiastic Vessel Group yet (17). And out of that group, two students made first-time commitments to follow Jesus and were baptized last weekend.Literally, this approach to raising up leaders has transformed our minrstiy and the students coming in this year have repeatedly commented that one of the things that drew them to CCF is the quality of our student leadership.
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