Meaning of the name Wanda:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English, Polish
beautiful sweet kind
Walks with God
Wanda means, very reliable. sweet. kind. beutiful. forver forgiving and a really keen person and very loyal.. luv yu mom XD
wanda is my moms name and she is hilarious beutiful and a great person beat dat!!!!! so
the wonderer
awesome brave person
You are smart pretty funny athletic and have a great spirit
hey be nice my grandmas name is wanda
i love my mom wanda
i love my mom wanda
A big fat liar, fake and psychotic. Loves to use people and can come off as nice so she can win your trust and lie to you about others. Agrees with what ever the person shes talking to at the time says because she can't think for herself and wants them to like her. Is mean a mean spirited person pretends to be religious.
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