Meaning of the name Ward:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
it means guardian
My last name is ward too
it means you have mood swings
it means best person in the world jenirus and lover
it means the kindness of the heart anfd
very generous kind person sharing loving talented and smart and cute everyone all the girls like him like like him like him.
means you have a big dog
Whoever said its a colored name is a fool. My name is ward and I'm not of color. It's my first name. To relegated ant name to a persons skin color is racist and simply incorrect. A ward is a guardian or an item used to keep undesireable things away from you.
i am a girl ad me last name is ward
It means to guard or watch over
OMG HE is hot and he is a goalie and super nice (if he ever reads this I like you)-Jazzy
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