Meaning of the name Wesley:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
It means "Of the West meadow" in English. In Spanish it would translate as "Man of the West."
it means man of the west
Someone who puts others infornt of him and is sympathetic
wesley is an emence friend who is there for you, kind and caring too me, we have a good friendship he is funny as out :'D.... i love him too bits
wesley is always praying for god.
Wesley means true love n he also is my bro for life
i think that because my name is wesley i love it
A really sweet guy who is very talkative
he is the most awesome person i know i have known him for my hole life
seriously this is my boyfriends name and he got so many mean things hes very loving and sweet but yet very awkward but i love him anyways
i think it means a cool dude with a sence of humor and i should know my brother is so much like that i still love him his age is 11 and he is such a mess his room is a mess but i still love him ps he stinks he farts pe u not u my bro. over and out pss my name is ivy
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