Meaning of the name Yamuna:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Indian
this is mean yamuna is tha bhakti of krishna
I am Yamuna and this name means where Krishna one of the Hindu gods played in this river. The Yamuna river is located in India in new Delhi. It is in front of taj mahal and also behind taj mahal..... I don't care what kind of things you all say about the name Yamuna cuz it is your opinion but my opionion is that Yamuna is a very pretty name.... I'm not saying that cuz it is my name.....
smart funny hypertive helpful
the river
a holy name in the vedas
Muna means see in Namibian language
To feed one
Kinnera Siri Chandana
This could not psosilby have been more helpful!
oo that u mean i mean that the an of girl name is yamuna then she is fan of krishna
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