Meaning of the name Yuki:
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Gender: Male & Female
Usage: Japanese
Yuki is a beautiful name which means snow, beautiful snow or deep snow. Yuki also is a type of flower which grows in Japan. ~~~ Yuki is a male and a female's name.
"Tender" or "kind" princess
Yuki can mean "snow" "beautiful snow" "Ice prince"..
Yuki is the star in vampire knight
If i was japennese i would name my twin girl yoko and yuki
Yuki Cross from Vampire Knight
it means "winter" or "snow" or "ice"
it means "winter" or "snow" or "ice"
kind and tall
Yuki cross from vampire knight. The book says it means gentle princess. Hmm. Ruka is wayyy better than Yuki, who likes Blood-regurgitating Kaname, hurt zero, and has virtually nopillows. Ruka and akatsuki forever!! I am getting carried away...
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