Meaning of the name Zachariah:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English, Biblical (Variant)
A guy who is the loveiest guy out there
I read this two days after it was posted and was ssruriped there were no comments. But I think I know why. This is so well written and puts forth such deep thoughts that we're all still digesting it! I do know it's one I'll reread again and again, and let it get me a bit closer to trying to be what you're trying to be, Sara. Love ya'.
remembrance of the lord, from the bible jesus quoted "Zachariah, come down out of that tree!"
Hebrew for Jehovah has remembered
An amazing man who is loving and caring. But can be a little childish and sometimes doesn't realize that he is doing something that could hurt someone he cares about. He is straight up about the truth and it sometimes makes him seem like an rear end in a tophat
He is AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!
Y r u guys saying he's lovey? 1 of my bros is named Zachariah and I really don't think he's lovey! But I do believe it is a awesome name!!!!!!!
yeah nice,friendly, kind, funny, and a cut e brotha to me
I like cheese!
A person who has a bro named Sylis, a mom named Margo, and a dad named TOM.
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