Meaning of the name Zahra:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
Shining Flower
Beautiful flower of the sun. Shining and wonderful
zahra means a truly loving girl that loves u and cares about u,and is always there for help.
an excellent personality
It means something that is shining and brilliant.
my mums name is zahra and it means flower a rose.
my name mans a flower in arabic.
Zahra means shining flower
it means flower from heaven. my name is zahra but it is spelled zehra.
zahra means a truly good freind that has a great personality.she is also a girl who loves u and cares about u and is always there for u.
Zahra Means A Ugly Girl That Has A Sweet Heart But None Cares About The Inside So In Many Situations Zahra Is Not Appreciated Or Needed ( I Am Called Zahra And I'm Very Ugly But Have A Sweet Heart )
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