Meaning of the name Zaida:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Arabic
My name means "Beauty" also it means "Perfection"
It means spontaneous. Someone who is not afraid to show off their true colors. Zaida means an out-goingfun animal loving piece of art that God shines upon everyday.
Zaida means "Beauty" and "perfection" but also "Hilarious" and "Loving". Zaida is my best friend and I know she is all of the above.
it means poupular but doesn't like people who are smart
Arising one
The name Zaida is beauty and loving trustful and can never let you go.
it is the coolst name than vianna
That's My Name & It Means Gorgeous !
Greek for "Gods gift"
Ohherx Thanks for sharing, this is a fantastic article. Cool.
it means meeeeeeeee
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