Meaning of the name Zain:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
some one from 1d's name is Zain!!!!! I LOVE YOU ZAIN MALIK FROM ONE DIRECTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i dont know what it means but i know somwon named zain and he is cute.
Zain means beautiful and happy
goooooooood guy (-_-)
In Arabic ''Zain'' means Beautiful
zain i love you go out with me.
hi fans
cutteee anddd so clevaa!1:P
it mean BUTIFUL
My name is Zain and Im a girl! It doesnt need to always be a boys name! It means beauty, faith, and grace...DID I MENTION IM A GIRL!?!?! :)
The name Zain is in the bible, but spelled the normal way "Zane". Zain means "the lord is gracious". This is my middle sons name.
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