Meaning of the name Zara:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
zara means princess, one who is very loyale and understanding.
thouhtful girl who tries her best at everything
Muslim name (mine) and it means the door of heaven or faith and prear endion. It's my name so I know what it means;)
zara means blooming flower. i know because its my name
Zara is actually hebrew, but most commonly used as a muslim name. (i'm muslim and i'm called zara) its arabic meaning is 'brightness' but she is confident and rear endertive who looks for the best things in life, devoted to friends and family
It means 'Princess'.
Beautiful girl who is very chatty and my beat friend!
Zara means a thoughtful and caring girl.
My name is Zara and Zara means gold so if your name is Zara your special
Zara is a beautiful young lady who is sure to have a great life, But should watch out for their temper.
zara is such a beautiful girl and is megga cute!
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