Meaning of the name Zeke:
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Gender: Male
Usage: English
A sport-lovin' guy who brings the life to a party and is almost always HILARIOUS!!!!!
A awesome guy that cute funny and smart
kind hearted
Zeke is a dude who is SUPER ATHELETIC! And SUPER HOTTTTTTT! tsssss!
my bro's name is zeke he is funny and all of these responses i don't like
creative, helpfull, and belives nothing but bad comments made towards there looks
zeke is cute
i now a guy name zeke and he is super hot zeke scott that's who he was dating my friend hannnah kirkland but i'm not going date him at all sorry but he is cuteeeeee but not loveY
hbnxchjxvbjhvxcbvfhbchbc srry that was my little sister
zeke is not a good guy not as a brother any way
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