Meaning of the name Zoey:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Means they can get through anything without any problems annd have a good life.
really sweet
it means hot cool smart cute and as a rocking body who could get millons of hot i am zoe and if you dont think so you suck
it means life stupids and noone cares about your cat
Yeah it technically means life but i'm liking some of the other stuff up there. It's how most people describe me anyways LOL :)
it means a girl that is awesome and LOL im describing myself to please respond to me people with the same name as me (my name is Zoey)
it means my preety awsome col and hipper
In greek, (i dont know if its ancient or modern) it means Life
Can you all stop putting dumb things on here? It is my name (I am 11) and in French it means flight and freedom and in Greek it means life. Now just because my name is Zoey doesn't mean I am a beautiful babe! In fact, I am nowhere CLOSE to being the slightest bit of pretty! Smart, however, is a different story! Anyways, please take to fact that even though you put it here, doesn't mean it is true! Good day to you all =^_^= *mow*
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