Meaning of the name Zoey:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English (Modern)
Zoey originally comes from the Hebrew word Zoe meaning "Life that comes from God"
really sweet
Zoey means GOD's Promise
I LOVE MY NAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw to that girl that wrote that suicide thing, I am pretty, cute, slim, and a good kisser. But I support you for what you put about all the Zoey's out there committing suicide because they might think they're not perfect. But God never makes mistakes so for all the Zoey's that think you're mistakes, you're not, you're wonderful, God's gift, a non-mistake person. And as you go through your life, remember HAVE YOU EVER SEEN GOD MAKE A MISTAKE? HE NEVER DOES.
This name means life in Greek
ok, lets get this straight, not everybody with this name are pretty, cute, slim, or good kissers, stop bragging about your perfect self, because some zoeys aren't pretty, cute, slim, or good kissers get real, i live life in reality, oh and btw my name isn't zoey either, im just defending all the zoeys who aren't perfect, who commit suicide because they are bullied about the types of things everyday!!!!!!!!!!!
i think it means hot,sweet and helpful
a @#$%*!%#$#@!#%@$@*!@#$%&^*%$@!$@#$!%$@!%$@%#^$!^@!
zoey is a weird name. i am talking about my sister.
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