Meaning of the name Zoltán:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Hungarian
it means a strong and smart man that knows everything and gets into Upen
a nice person always trying to make new freinds
In Turkish it can mean "king."
Meaning of Zoltan is king, ruler, leader, chief, or prince. Turks conquered Hungarians in late 1400s. Zoltan comes from Turkish name Sultan, which means king, ruler, leader, or chief. Can also be name of the prince.Zoltan does not mean strong (unless used as strong leader), nor a smart man who knows everything (unless used as smart leader).FYI: Zoltan and Zsolt are not the same name. Short name for Zoltan is Zoli, and is used like Johnny or Billy, etc. Also, Zoltan has nothing to do with Greek, and nothing to do with "a nice person trying to make friends."
Zoltan could be derived from Greek as well it meens life.
nerd name
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