Meaning of the name Aalase:
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Gender: Female
Usage: French
Well that must make for an interesting life It makes for a very praivte and secure life, as intended. Most people do not connect using offshore servers. Most people have Facebook accounts too, which lays their entire life bare for all too see, including stalkers, government agencies, IP litigation firms, and other nasties. Most people have no concept of online privacy, or the dangers that stem from not having any.But clearly they should, because most people are in danger, sometimes quite severe danger, from not having adequate privacy and security measures.For example, I already have your full name and home address, using nothing more than a quick search on Google. Lucky for you I'm not an unscrupulous person. But you shouldn't have to depend on luck, should you?Google, it seems, wants to discourage privacy, since privacy is in direct contradiction to its business model (much like Facebook and others).What I'm saying is, that in order to actually use these services AND retain any sort of privacy and security, one essentially needs a completely false online idenpillowy.That's what I have.But I don't expect to convince others to do likewise, any more than I'd expect to convince a child to stop playing with matches. They'll learn eventually though the hard way.
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