Meaning of the name Aarón:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Spanish
Messenger lewl I think
The name 'Aaron' comes from the Hebrew name 'Aharon' and is possibly Egyptian in origin.'Aaron' can mean "exulted" or "mountain."Usually thought of as a masculine name, there is also an English "female version": Erin. (Although, I happen to be a female with the masculine form 'Aaron' as my middle name.)
Aaron can be a dochebag bet yet you still love him i now i do. aaron i love you with all my heart and ur my first love and i hope one day u see my love for you and take me back because we but the US in TRUST!
so cute he is to die for i love you Aaron xoxoxoxoxoxox
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I think it means Shining light.-Aaron :-D
OG pimp
God's son and a genius!! ;D
my friend can be sweet and smert but also perverted
Aaron is a hottie that goes to my school by Katherine xoxoxo love Aaron babe xoxoxo
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