Meaning of the name Abaddon:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Biblical
Abbadon means Angel of Destrusion and his twin counterpart Azrael (Angel of Death) are the appacolypse.
a evl person in the land of elyon series who is trying to take over the world
abbadon and his sister azrael are twin vampires in the blue bloods series although abbadon is the angel of destruction he is not really evil and falls in love with the main character and marries her instead of his sister which is what twin vampires are supposed to do. while azrael angel of deth wants to kill her for stealing her brother
a place in the game perfect world international
Abaddon is the name of the angel of destruction in the Book of Revelations.
Hey my names Abaddon
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A BAD, DO-No-one person.
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