Meaning of the name Abagail:
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Gender: Female
Usage: Modern English
Actually Abigail means a pretty, smart, outgoing, and intelligent person
totaly awesome person
Abigail 1 of 2 Sanchez twins She is beautiful smart and outgoing
The Abigail I know is stubborn
Conduct Cunningham frying bunch hubby huh hubbub thigh then hubby uncut Chechnya cubic chubby Icahn Ogden orbit ruby funny guy funny vying vying vying bobcat vying brush hubby did flee dog's did did fluff gig did tryMy itching high hubbub chubby bung hubbub gung huh bubby chubby hubby hubbub hubbub grungy buggy hubbub hubbub hubbub hubby itch idly omg mcg logging kickoff kickoff unit otoh pinky polloi orbit Khalid Ludlum Lloyd Pavlov luck lick
Sandwich and soup with root beer and crakers
my friend abigail
None of this mean stuff is true
the abigail i know talks WAY too much
The Abigail I know I smart and pretty
Weird crappy person Stfu!!!
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