Meaning of the name Abby:
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Gender: Female
Usage: English
she falls alotAlways in a good mood. She is funny and a good friend, though she can be clumsy. She also has a quick mind and standsd up for what she believes in. She speaks her mind and is not afraid of threats, because she say one right back to you (and she means it) if your messing with her friends.
Abby means fathers joy
abby is intelagant
a wonderful friend
Abby is a AWESOME name!
My name is Abby, or Abigail. I love my name, and people tell me that I'm funny and kind. I love all of my friends and stuff, and yes I'm pretty clumsy.
Abby means amazing and is super cool her besties are awesome!!! also, she gets in love easily with finn! so cute!
Abby is very very pretty.She is so nice!She makes every ones day.
it means fathers joy. im my fathers favorite!
its mean a father joy
Wait did someone say Finn? As in Glee Finn!? (My name is Abby too :) It means a father's joy. And the first one on here describes me almost perfectly!)
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