Meaning of the name Abdul-Aziz:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
abdul means an arabic name who is a mighty god. YEAH AS IS HE'S A MIGHTY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!
The Mighty One , its 1 of 99 names of allah.
A strong willed man that will do anything to stand by his religion
it a mulslim name so do not make a mess of it
Abdul means slave and Aziz means mighty god. so Abdul aziz means slave of mighty god.
A beautiful islamic name used by many people
the legends said Abdul aziz king will be born in 1998 he was chosen with the power of peace he will have a mom a dad and two sister and three brothers history of aziz king;date written 1990.the heavens will brig him joy
aziz need to learn who he is..1991 he will be chosen
the slave of the generous "god" islamic name
stupid as fooo's .. abdulaziz .. the legend says he was born in 1995 .. & he calls himself miki.thats what the legends says guys ... he shall rise in LA in 2011 .
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