Meaning of the name Abdul:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Arabic
All of y'all have no idea what you're talking about. Abudl means servant, yes, but not slave. In some chapters of the bible, it points out that Abdul is a servant to GOD, not to humans and/or a slave. Abdul is an ancient Arabic name that means a servant with many connections to higher powers.
abdul is just a part of a name and it means a slave and the servant the second part is a name of god for example abdulaziz means that i am the slave of the most generous which is god these name are arabic islamic names
it means servant
My Name Mean's ChildOf God
my name means KING of THE WORLD
Abdul means sevrent
it means a king
of course i know what Abdul means. that's my name, and it means "righteous"
my name means the boss of the family
Big and black
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