Meaning of the name Adão:
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Gender: Male
Usage: Portuguese
:O YOU CUNTMOTHERCHUCKER. Don't talk to me like that woman! I know where you sit in 5th block!!!!!! >:O SUCK MY CHOBE 8==D~~ O: GET YOUUU SOMEEEE CUNTBISCUIT.
hahah i see you Amanda!
Means you like to be screwed in the anal hole by a big black chobe!!! GETCHYOUUU SOME WITCH end FAT blackS!
Means you like to be gently caressed in the rear end by a big fat black dog! Getchyou some fine personHrear endblackSS
You shouldn"t talk about urself like that
LOL, This is funnn! Espesh since we are sitting right next to each other!! STOP READING OVER MY SHOULDER CUNTBISCUIT.
I see you too!!
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